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My favourite wedding

Sorting out my photograph's archives I found the photos of my beloved cousin Anna's wedding, where I went as a guest not as a photographer. Obviously I couldn't help taking a photos during that day. Also because it was one of those rare occasions of getting all together: me, my sister Elena who lives in Sakhalin and both of my cousins: Anna and Yegor.

We had passed a lot of time together when we were children. And I don't really make a difference calling them all sisters/brother and not sister and cousins. Anna is the youngest of the female part of our family, but she was the first to get married, so it was a kind of EVENT for us. You know, when your little sister, you remember as a mere slip of a girl, has become a spanking fine woman.

So, even if it was quite impossible to not admire her female beauty, I was taking photos of THAT girl rather than of a woman the official photographer saw that day. She, may be, doesn't really agree with this point of view, but taking photos of 2 my sisters together and their facial expression that reminded me the little girls I knew, was the only way to celebrate that wedding.

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