• Anastasia

Somewhere in the middle of Tuscany.

I live in Tuscany, on its seaside, but will you understand me if I tell you that I prefer the hinterland? Probably yes, because it's also the most famous part of the region. Who has never seen the photos of tuscan landscapes? All these colorful fields with straight lines of cypresses... Well, in wintertime it's still beautiful, even if there are less colors and it's really, really cold. But there is still a beautiful sunlight, so the morning is perfect to take a couple of romantic shots. As this couple from Australia actually did. With a little help of my 2 poodles Milky and Belle...

As it was the departure day of Evonne and Ostin, we decided to not spend a lot of time for the shooting. Furthermore they wanted just a couple of shots as the memory of this travel. So the 1 hour session was really perfect. And within a couple of days I've sent them about 20 edited photos. Here they are:

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